Shaun Quin



Mr. Shaun Quin was the CEO of RLT Atwood International Limited, (Company Number: 203576, ISIN: SC2767HDIH83, share code RLT) a publicly traded company, listed on the Seychelles Securities Stock Exchange – MERJ EXCHANGE, the world’s first listed Blockchain Investment Company, which was acquired by FAVO Realty Inc. in May 2019. Mr. Quin has 20 years of business experience and entrepreneurial insight. He is currently a Director, Partner, Investor and Advisor in multiple companies in multiple sectors including investment management, insurance, wealth management, financial planning, retail, fintech and property.  Having been involved in many successful start-ups and turnarounds, Mr. Quin is a true entrepreneur. Major accolades in his career include being presented with the Microsoft Worldwide Innovation Award in 2010 in Washington DC by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and The Young Manager of the Year Award for 2015, Most Improved Business Award in 2015 and Business of the Year Award in 2016. He is a “big ideas” man and believes that connecting the dots in this fast-paced world we live in is essential to any new business success. “Business success is about people, relationships and the success of these surviving the real world”. Shaun lives in Cape town, South Africa. He is a family man at heart with two children Ashlee and Tayla and his loving wife Tessa by his side in any new venture and adventure they take part in.